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lets get these teen hearts beating faster, faster. [entries|friends|calendar]
lauren !

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new journal. [09 Feb 2006|04:17pm]



Janine is super cool

and we left our love in our summer skin. [27 Jan 2006|10:34am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

this week was regents//midterm week, which was reall good for me because most of the freshmen only had to go into school one day, so i have like a five day weekend hahahah. so far its been good. i went to friendlys with christina on tuesday, which was fun because i havent seen her in a while. and danielle came overr and we watched stealing harvard, which is probally my favorite movie of forever, me and janine had to have seen that movie like a billion times hahaha. yeah then mikel and colin came over and we watched lords of dogtown, my other favorite movie in forverr hahaha, yeah then after danielle and everyone left i went to friendlys with my family hahah i've been there three times this week, score, hahah okay so if anyone wants to do something this weekend hit me upp hahahha, im so ghetto, okay bye.

happy birthday alexxx !

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im sure you always feel my eyes on you, but i hope that you will never feel unwanted. [22 Jan 2006|07:10pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

kayy so this weekend was very relaxinggg. on friday i went to janines cause my basement flooded, and pretty much that made my life suck because my basement is my pride and joy and now its ruined and im crushhheddd. oh yeah and my house almost went on fire from the stupid pump, what fun. so that made me angry. and janine slept over friday cause her mom was going clubbingg... hahhaa KIDDINGG. yeah and on saturday i chilled with janine, did some shittt and then i went comforter shopping with my mommyyy and i got the coolest purple and green polka dot comforterr and i am in lovee with ittt. oh yeah and i had taco bell two nights in a row, it was greatttt♥, i missed those damned mexicans ! and today is sunday and danielle and janine came over and we went to the batting cagess, it was funn and then we walked to 7-11 for hot chocolateee. yeah that was pretty much my weekend. and i have wednesday thursday and friday off because mid terms and regents, SWEEETT. im excited, so leave plans if you love mee, because i miss everyone. kaybye♥

rip christinas grandpa ♥ ♥ ♥

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[11 Jan 2006|10:40am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

okay so today was really fun. i had school. ehhhmm not so fun but yeah it wasnt too bad. then after school i went to alex's wrestling match with carolyn and ashleyy. and it was so great because i got to see amanda and i misssed her so muchh. and ohh mann it was so good to see her. were like so funny when we hang outt ohh boy. hahaha we defffff. have to do that again. yeahh and after the match we hung out with kevin and stopskyy. theyre cool. and now stopsky's afraid of me because i punch. and im from bayshorre. WHUDDDDUP. hahaa ohh godd today was really cool. and i get to see carolyn more which is really cool because we havent been hanging out and i missedd her so muchhh<33 ohh yeah and i love christina and danielle and i hope those silly heads feel betterr sooon<33kaybye.

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lets get these teen hearts beating faster, faster. ♥ [07 Jan 2006|09:04pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

oh boy where does the time go. i got back from florida which was reallly fun.we went the sea world and universal which was super funnn. went on a few goodd roller coasterrs and shit and it was just amazinnggg. and i loved it. it was so relaxingg. but i missed home so muchh! ohh yeah and on new years day i threw up 7 times. yay 2006 !! wooooohhh. hahah yeahh so i couldnt fly home that night which i was really upset about and i was like crying the whole night because i wasnted to go home so bad. i missed everyone. but luckily i got home the next night and i was so happpyyy. but i stayed home on tuesday because i still wasnt feeling well but after i slept and ate i was fine because i hadnt eaten in two days. so yeah that sucked. but other then that i loved floriddaa. haha and christmas was flippingg amazing too. i got a new camera!! because mines broken hahah and i got a new cell phone which was very much need and im super happy. and i got tony hawks american wasteland and i already beat it ahahha but im still gonna play it ahahah i pretty much love christmass. ahah the end. ♥

and now for today. man was today eventful. i went to the wrestling tournament with carolyn kim iesha ashley and shauana and i finally got to see alex wrestle and he did veryyyy good. hah yeah it was fun until these jerks on alex's team kept throwing shit at us and being reallyy annoying. and then it just got out of control and really gay so i left. and then when i was gone this fucking douche thought it'd be funny to touch carolyns ass right in front of alex. and the kid was like being a dick and alex wasnt really doing anything so ashley punched some kid. HAHA thats fucking greattt lolll so yeah it was really dick of those kids to be so rude and throw shit at us and he didnt even know us. so pretty much the only kids on alexs team who arent douche bags are isaac and stopsky. they were cool kids. so yeah tonight was prettty intense. and im so pissed that i wasnt there and if i was i would have punched those kids lights out. because im from mother fucking bayshore bitches. yeah thats righhhtttt. wannna go. haha yeah i know im cool. but whatevvv. i love carolynnn and i feel reallllyyy bad for her and shes my biffel♥

oh and congrats if you read this whole thing.

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[29 Dec 2005|10:15pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Dear Lauren,

Yes, this is Janine, as you may have assumed.  Right now you are gone far far away from home, down into the deep arm pits of the United States in a little place called Flordia.  As you may know, Flordia is indeed a part of the United States and is known for it's gross amount of elderly citizens that should have their driving licences revoked.  But you have departed there anyway. Not on your will... no...but in order to save the human race. We, back here up north where there is actually world (if that makes sence.. but it does.. you just might not be intelligent enough to find it's logic) ANYWAY. I send my luck compadre..whatever that means.. and so does the rest of the non-southern part of the states. And no, I'm not bias THANK YOU... but I am indeed a compulsive liar.  So Lauren, we send our wishes, and you better get your little sissy ass back here or Ima gonna fucking skin you fool. 


P.S. Elana went to a Patent Pending show yesterday and said that Mike is even more gorgeous than ever before.  I know, I didn't believe it at first either.. but I think she knows what shes talking about.  She said we need to go to one of their shows STAT.


Much Love,



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[24 Dec 2005|10:27am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

arightt so today is christmas eve and im very excitedd. tommrow is christmas and im going to florida in 2 days!! i cant wait. i'll probally update again tommrow night but if i dont im going to miss everyone when i laeve for floridaaa and i hope everyone has a greatttt christmas andd i'll be back on the monday that we have no school so if any one wants to do something then im freee, so yeah i guess im done and yeahh. later skaterrs.

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thanks janine. you douche bag. [15 Dec 2005|05:04pm]
[ mood | bored ]

yeahhh? Collapse )

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hm what do you think ? [09 Dec 2005|10:00am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i think that some one here has no school ?


yeahh that'd be me. SUCK IT

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someone call an ambulance, because something's not right. [01 Dec 2005|04:04pm]
[ mood | good ]

yeah so i havent updated in the longest timmeee. yeahh uhhmm thanksgiving weekend was good minus the thanksgiving part. my family is extremellyyy pisssy latly so yeah and i went to the mall and got jeans from american eagleee and theyre pretty sweeett i love them. and yeah that whole weekend i pretty much hung out and ohh yeah i went to stephyss partyy and we watched house of wax and i couldnt sleep for 2 days so i thank steph for thatt hahaha yeah it was fun because i havent hung out with carolyn in a very long time and we have plans to go bowling on friday which will be fun. and we'll get pretzles andd cheese likee we used to gettt. oh man i miss thaatttttt. hahah yeah andd i want to go to the mall this weekened really bad because i need some new sweat shirts because im that cool. and yeah the oc is on tonight so im gonna get crack a lack a ling on my home workkk. arighttt peacee out gangstahhhhhhss ♥ ♥ ♥

Janine is super cool

lets pretend we never met. [12 Nov 2005|10:51am]
[ mood | busy ]

yeah so i havent updated since like forever ago. so lets start from halloweeen. it was pretty intense. i went with col and janine and it was awesomeee . i got a lot of shit. the end.

yeah and i went to a few corn mazes which were pretty cool. and i finally got my candy apple. jeeze i love those. yeah and it was fun.

uhhmm yeah and friday was like the funniest day of my life. hah we were walking home from king kullen and we saw this shopping cart on the side of the road. so we were lie god guys we cant just leave it here! haha so we took it and we were going past this dudes house (but it didnt matter cuz he was like stoned any ways) and i was running cause he had just went into his house so i didnt wasnt to make a lot of noise so i picked the thing up and i was runninggg down the street with it. yeah it seemed like a good idea but it wasnt. hahaha i felll righttt on my face and it was the funniest thing ever, and i seriously, no joke pissed my pants hahahhahahah it was so fucking funnyy . goddd i like couldnt breathe hahha so yeah that was that/

ohh yeah and mikels home now and we finally had our cake party. but it wasnt too goodd because the cake had mold in it ahhahaha it was like really grossss.i could have blew chunks all over the place hahah but its okay because mikels home. and i missed him lots.♥♥♥

yeah and yesterday was kims partyyyyyyy and it was prettyy sweettt. i got to see everyone which was good because i never see alex iesha or jen cause theyre at eattt. and i missedd themmm ♥ and it was fun. and im getting lazy so i think im done. not like anyone reads this any ways. later♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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tell me what you thought about when you were gone. [30 Oct 2005|11:01am]
[ mood | energetic ]

so yeah this weekends been pretty sickk. friday me my mom my dad and my sister had dinner at janiness house for fajitassssssssss oh man they were amaingg. and we chilled there all night. and we listened to AQUA how cool are we. goddd. so any ways on saturdayy me and janine went to the mall to get shit for halloween hahh and we got these sweett hats with ipod headphones in them haha theyre amaZingggggg ahha yeah and i got the cutestt hello kitty bag from claries. and i got a poster of the useddd yeah thats right be jealouss haha yeah so i cleaned up my room a little and my dad said if i clean it real good he'll give me $20 so im stoked because i reallyyy need moneyy . like badlyy. haha yeah so then we went to the movies to see walace and gromit for studio and mediaaa. it was the cutest movie ive ever seen i loved ittt. ahah ohh manthen we went to colddd stonee afteerr oh boy it was my first time there so i was veryyyy happyy. so yeah we let there at like 11 then i went home and went to sleep hahah yeah so todays sunday and were going corn mazing. how sweett. aright later skatersss ♥

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p.s. [22 Oct 2005|10:15am]
[ mood | excited ]


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and the only thing constant was the constant reminder she'd never change. [22 Oct 2005|10:03am]
[ mood | sick/going to vomet. ]

okay so i know i dont update a lot so im going todo it now. aright so its ssaturday and its amazing.  i got like 11 hours of sleep which was nice hah yeah and yesterday danielle and janine came over after school and we all went to the pizza place and we got the most amazing pizza ive ever had in my life. so yeah then we went to king kullen because that place ownsss. and me and janine bought a HUGE jar of pickles. i mean like it could feed 20 people at leastt haha it was great. until we got home and my sister said " Lauren, i'll give you $5 to eat 3 pickles in an hour" so yeah these pickles were gianormoussss! god they had to be like 6 inch pickes haha so yeah stupid me, i take the bet ahh it was the worst hour of my life. i could have died right there. ughhh and i had a stomach ache for like 4 hours that night haha it was kinda funny though. yeah then me and janine played MARIO PARTy (what else is new) and then i went to sleeepp.

so today is my sisters family party for her birthdayyyy. and a bunch of people are comming over. but im excited because I  get to eat CAKEE woooo. yeah haha hoping to go to the mall and the movies today ? yeah so pretty much thats my life. pecace outtt&hearts;

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why did i have to be born with foolish and young ? [15 Oct 2005|09:51pm]
[ mood | excited ]

yeah so today is sayurday and i didnt do much. i basiclly did homeowrk and went to the card store for stephyyss batmitzha tommroww god im so excitedd! ♥ its going to be so fun. i cant wait.
i get to see christina and iesha and kimmie and alex and everyone elsee and its going to be great. i havent seen my east friends in a while so it should be pretty rad seeing them tommrow. i cant wait. i got stephy the sickest present everr ! and yeah that should take up tommrow and i'll update about that tommrow. and yeah friday was cool too danielle and janine were over for a while and we played mario party and make brownies and cinnimon rolls! they wre greatttt.hhaa and we went to the mall and i got a pretty sweet taking back sunday shirt and i cant wait to wearr it ! haaa im so stoked for tommroww. god. hah im good later kids ♥ ♥ ♥

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we cant depend on your excuses because in the end its fucking use less. [10 Oct 2005|08:22pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

yeah so this weekend wasnt too exciting i basiclly party mario party with janine and i went to the mall and got a sick shirt and today is leif erickson day so shove it. yeah and i was supposed to go to that fucking ice skating shit and some people were supposed to go and guess fucking what they left me there. yeah so i waited for them for an hour then i went home. yeah you can say im pissed now. wow guys way to like not fucking call. whatever that was gayy guys seriously.


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janines awesome [08 Oct 2005|06:47pm]
[ mood | dear diary, mood apathetic hah ]

kay guys if your wondering how my layout got so extremly awesome, i'll give you a hint JANINE !!!!!!!!  yeah thats right be jealous of her amazingness.

please dont be too jealous. thankss bye

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[05 Oct 2005|09:52pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Hi, my name is Lauren and I never update.
I'm to busying myspacing and pooping.
I like to beat people up.
I think Janine is the coolest person ever to walk the earth.
My favorite color is teal.
I think I like cheese..but I don't..but I secretly do.
Montauk was a lot of fun.
La la la.
Janine is cool.
La la la.
This is totally not Janine because it's Lauren.
I wish I was Janine because then I would be the coolest person in the world!
Well, that basically says it all.

3 People know Janine is super cool

i took the time i hurried up the choice was mine i didnt think enough<|3 [02 Oct 2005|03:22pm]
[ mood | fucking pissed ]

yeahh so i dont update as much as i would like too. but ive been kinda busy. on fridayy danielle and janine came over after schoool annd we walked up to 7-11 and shitt then we got home and played mario party. godd danielle suckkss hah jsut kidddinnnggg haha ♥ yeah so and saturday i saw corpse bride with janineeee and it was so amazingg god i loved it. and just to let everyone know that im such a loser i actuallyy cryed hahahahah yeah im a faggott i cant help itt lol. then we went to the mall and oh god was it a trip. first it started off good when i got a sickk belttt from journeys. then we went to this poster stand in the middle of the mall and they had this GIANTT blink poster it was absolutly georgouss it was like a sign from god. but little did i know that some girl PUT IT ON HOLD!!! holy shit who puts an effing poster on Hold!??!?! ughhh then the dude said if shes not backby 6 we can buy it. so i was happy. then we went back at like 4 and the GUY SOLD IT TO THAT MOFO! !! ohh god i was never so pissed in my lifee!
and now the dude has no more posters like that and the company that made it is out of business. just effing wonderful right, yeah i know. you wish you were me. god i was so upset. i could ahve cryed right there in the middle of the whol mall. godd. you dont understand the pain i was in. ughh so yeah i might get over it in a few years. that guys gonna get an earful next year when that gay ass mall show comes back. nfdsiofnsdinfdsifndsif okay im done sulking now laterrr♥

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the only broken-hearted loser you'll ever need</3 [24 Sep 2005|12:29pm]
[ mood | amused ]

so yeah this week went by really fast. im never going to update this until the weekend so shove it.
yeah friday i went to a jewlery party ( yeah thats right. ass.) and i got a cool necalace. and me and janine absoultly loved it. yeah and then we played mario party...what else is new. and now its saturday and i need some thing to do. and carolynnn !! we have to hang outt i miss you loserrr. ahha
oh yeah and tonight im going to a freaking home show with janineee god i love it. we go every year and we just go for the free shit hahha i love itt. yeah so im pretty much done heree .laterr.

ps. i love christina and were hanging out sundayy. mall ??

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