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lauren !
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heyy im lauren. i am fourteen years old and i am in love with music and its pretty much my life. my favorite bands are blink 182, hot hot heat, and panic! at the disco. i also like the used, fall out boy, hellogoodbye, brand new, death cab for cutie, dashboard confessional, patent pending, the starting line, and a bunch of other amazing bands. i listen to music mostly when im stressed. it makes me feel better. shows and concerts are probally the greatest thing ever. i absolutly love them and i would give pretty much anything to go to a blink 182 concert, it would probally be the best day of my life. my friends mean the world to me and i couldnt live without them. i probally dont care what you think about me, and i never will, unless were friends. it takes a lot for me to trust someone and once you lose it, its gone. i also dont like when people lie to me, obviously if your going to lie to me, that means that we shouldnt be friends :) so dont lie to me and we wont have that problem. also fake people really bother me, if you cant be yourself why bother? its no fun trying to be someone your not. i love people who can make me laugh, even though it doesnt take a lot. i love people i can be myself around and i wouldnt trade my friends in for the world. i love the mall, and i have a problem with managing money. if i see something i want to buy i will own it, its just a matter of time. i am not very persuasive, or patient and i cant really sit still for long time periods. i tried surfing last summer and it was so fun and i hope this summer i'll continue with it. attempting surfing is probally one of the funnest things ive done because i absolutly love the ocean. i also love skim boarding. its so fun. montauk has to be my favorite place to visit. ive been going there every year since i was 2. i miss summer♥ yeah whatevvv i guess thats all. my screen names HeartsAreWastedd. kaythanks♥

these are just some of my favorite bands ♥ ♥ ♥


hot hot heat♥

Panic! At the Disco♥